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Sjedište: Koturaška cesta 47, Zagreb

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Span is a Croatian-based IT company with a global reach. It specializes in providing professional services for the design and development of information systems and technical customer support for business users and large corporate enterprises. Almost 30 years of global experience in digital business transformation enabled Span to be recognized on the international market as a reliable and valuable IT partner. Span group currently employs over 550 people, with that number constantly increasing. Also, our employees are highly skilled, with over 300 of Span’s experts being proud owners of one or more professional certificates in various IT-related areas.

Developers work within well-established teams who work closely with dedicated business analysts and QA engineers. We have established an ALM process with a high degree of automation in the work of building, deployment and testing.

Come work at Span. Develop apps. Develop platforms. Develop solutions. And at the same time, your portfolio, skills, knowledge base and IT career. Work on the projects that matter. Change the world. Start @ Span.

Transparent. Honest. No empty promises. No tall tales. What you see is what you get, and there’s a lot to see.

Results matter. Span doesn’t micromanage. We believe in personal responsibility, and if you deliver, we don’t care how you go about it. You’ll get free reign to do your job. With great responsibility comes great power. And vice versa.

WFA is the new WFH. Yup, Work From Anywhere, not just from home. Span will help you equip both your office and your remote place of work.

Never stop improving. We’ll help you grow and evolve. We’ll plan your career path together. You’re not alone here. Count on us to advance your tech expertise and your soft skills. Whatever you need, Span is here to assist you in becoming a well-rounded IT professional.

You’ll find your sense of purpose here. You’ll accomplish great things. Our people work on projects that matter, that bring change, that improve things. Be a part of something new and something big.

We know how to say no and we’re not afraid to do so. Even at the risk of losing a project. Our priority is to protect our employees and the quality of our work. We won’t nod blindly to every request. Even so – or maybe precisely because of that – we’ve never lost a customer. Ever.

Learn from the best. We have people here with rare specializations and prestigious certificates even on a global scale. You’ll work with top experts at Span, on state-of-the-art tech. There’s always someone to turn to for help and advice.

Competence. Excellence. Responsibility. Trust. These are our core values and we’re looking for people who see themselves championing them. We want to turn you into an expert who won’t stand for half-measures. We own both good and bad days and situations. We learn from the substandard and we strive to turn good into awesome. And that’s how we build trust.

Let us be your home away from home. We’re not just building a company here. We’re building a family.

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