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IHC Engineering Croatia d.o.o.


Projektiranje i inženjering u brodogradnji


Milutina Barača 7, Rijeka | Nikola Tesla 9, Pula

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IHC Engineering Croatia d.o.o. (IEC) is a subsidiary of Dutch based company Royal IHC, a leading supplier of maritime technology and expert craftsmanship, which provides a competitive edge to worldwide customers in the dredging, offshore, mining and defence industries. Within Royal IHC, IEC is a part of Functional discipline Engineering, which, alongside the design and engineering of vessels and equipment built by Royal IHC’s own shipyards, is engaged by ship owners and shipyards around the world to support them with a range of ship design and engineering services. Typically these solutions are tailored to customer requirements.

The integrated approach allows for a controlled development of a ship design or shipbuilding projects. In effect, this starts with the development of a concept design and continues up to a production information package, which ensures that the desired functionality of the vessel is achieved and the construction risk removed. Along this way, IEC became knowledge centre in detail engineering with continuous collaboration with Royal IHC’s yards, same as with the yards of other Clients. Beside detail engineering, IEC continuously grows providing various basic engineering services. In addition to with Royal IHC, IEC actively works for external customers as well and other partners to continually develop its expertise in the cruise ship, mega yacht, and special equipment engineering sector. Considering that Croatia has a long standing tradition in the shipbuilding sector, IEC is perfectly positioned to develop the talented local engineering skills vital to continually deliver exceptional professional standards in the global maritime industry. Furthermore, IEC’s offices are positioned exactly in the cities which hold such heritage in shipbuilding industry, in Rijeka and Pula.

IEC currently has 95 employees and in addition to the employees, a number of students always made a significant part of engineering IEC team. Continuation of student engagement is planned for 2022.


Employees at IEC benefit from working in a modern, ergonomically designed office environment, built on professionalism, mutual respect and strong teamwork. IEC offers high-end benefits and invests in its employees knowledge and career development. Great importance is added to the work-life balance, interpersonal relations and a positive, productive and healthy workplace culture, as well. IEC has a great cooperation with universities and students with regard to the practice, student work, final and graduate thesis and sharing knowledge through many technical lectures.

For more detailed information about the company together with student employment opportunities, please join the presentation via the link below and according to the schedule. After the presentation, IEC engineers will be happy to answer your questions. And finally, as a surprise, you will be able to check what you have learn about IEC in a short knowledge quiz with symbolic prizes for the best participants.


Teams link

Monday (6.12.2021.) till Friday (10.12.2021); each day from 10:00 till 11:00.


Ponedjeljak 06.12.2021. – Marijeta Miklić – Technical manager – Teams link

Utorak 07.12.2021 – Nenad Ikić – Coordinator of Detailed Engineering Piping Department – Teams link

Srijeda 08.12.2021. – Dragan Stanić – Detailed Engineering Outfit Department Leader – Teams link

Četvrtak 09.12.2021. – Goran Božić – Detailed Engineering Hull Department Leader – Teams link

Petak 10.12.2021. – Marko Pirija – Basic Engineering Department Leader – Teams link


At any time, during the JOBFAIR and otherwise, you can send your open applications to the following e-mail:




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If you have some question, feel free to contact:
Marijeta Miklić (Technical manager) 099 244 1195
Nikolina Matahlija Mahne (Legal affairs and HR Business Partner) 091 111 2669

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