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Asseco SEE Group (ASEE Group) is one of the largest operators in South-Eastern Europe in terms of revenue derived from sales of its software and services. We came into being as a result of the integration of the experience, knowledge and solutions of major segment leading IT companies operating in the region. Since the beginning our company has been focused on developing & selling its own proprietary solutions.

Our vision is to become no. 1 solution provider by understanding and being able to support and subsequently outsource complete business processes of the clients

The ASEE Group incorporates Asseco SEE and Payten, the leading companies in their business segments.

Asseco SEE, part of ASEE Group, has more than 1300 employees in the region. As a one-stop shop for banking, it provides a broad portfolio of products for banking across 8 monetary systems, as well as a range of solutions for telco, utilities and public sector.

Payten, a new brand deriving from the strongly performing ASEE Payment Business Unit, offers complete payment industry solutions for financial and non-financial institutions supporting card and cardless transactions. The company employs over 1500 people.

The formation of ASEE Group is a result of Asseco Poland SA’s and Subsidiary Minority Shareholders’ strategic convergence. The regional growth of our business has outpaced that of any other’s in the global Information Technology market. Today ASEE Group operates mainly in the following segments of the information market:

  • Banking software solutions and services including omnichannel solutions, integrated core banking systems based on the Oracle and Microsoft platforms as well as authentication security solutions, reporting systems for regulatory compliance and managerial information, as well as risk management systems.
  • Payment industry solutions, services and outsourcing under Payten brand for non-financial and financial institutions, including eCommerce related solutions, mPayments, Processing as well as ATM and POS related services.
  • Dedicated Solutions for financial, industry, public administration telecommunication and utility sectors with the following business lines:
    development of IT infrastructure, implementations and support, ensuring continuity of business processes, automation of operations, and customized software development. The Systems Integration segment also presents a group of proprietary solutions of ASEE which, due to their profile, have not been classified to our banking or payment solutions.

Today, Asseco SEE Group has over 3.000 employees worldwide.


Najava predavanja – 9.12.2021. u 15h

“Od studenta do zaposlenika u internacionalnoj IT kompaniji” – Kristian Stanić (bivši student RITEHa) 

Kako izgleda razdoblje prelaska iz studentskih klupa u ozbiljne poslovne vode? Što vas očekuje na prvom intervjuu za posao, kako izgledaju prvi radni dani, kako protječe “onboarding” proces? Kako izgleda jedan klasičan radni dan u životu developera, koji su sve izazovi pred vama? Želite li saznati odgovore na ova, ali i slična pitanja, pridružite nam se na predavanju Kristiana Stanića, vašeg bivšeg kolege iz studentskih klupa, a danas Asseco zaposlenika. Vidimo se u četvrtak 9.12. u 15h! 😊

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